"The Italians take pride in a perfectly finished handbag"

We searched for a manufacturer that was open to a new way of doing things. Our design is very minimalist, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to make. And with a minimalist design, it is even more important to get all the details entirely perfect.

We searched in different places in Europe for a manufacturer. We had several samples made. And of course, we visited every factory in person to meet the workers and see the working conditions. It was quite surprising to see how different manufacturers could make such a different quality product from exactly the same (Italian) leather. The Italians really stood out. They have a true passion and expertise in crafting leather. Our Italian manufacturer is located in the famous Scandicci area in Italy where Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana produce their bags. We actually saw one of these brands hanging in the production hall.