Pelletteria di lusso e amore per la tecnologia

Le nostre borse sono progettate con un occhio attento all'utilizzo nel corso della vita quotidiana e con amore per la tecnologia. Ispirata al design Apple e Braun, la borsa integra la tecnologia in maniera elegante.

Scopri di più sulle persone dietro Minois nelle storie riportate qui sotto.

Story of our founder

Simone Tertoolen founded Minois in 2018. Before Minois she worked in several tech companies. In Minois she combines her passion for understated minimalist design with her passion for new technology.

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Minois in Milan

During Milan Design week (traditionally ‘Salone del Mobile’) Minois presents their luxury bag collection in the Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan.

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From historian to software developer

Esther Vis is a young woman in tech that took a road off the beaten track. Despite her young age (30) she already made an interesting career. After completing her studies in history she started working. But after a couple of years her interest in technology was piqued and she decided to become a software developer.

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Social media sisters

Nadia and Lemiza Nicolau came to the Netherlands from Angola when they were respectively 6 and 10 years old. They live and work together since they were young. The are ‘content creators’ and create the social media content for Minois.

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Entrepreneurial lady in tech

Jacinta Hall came from Suriname to the Netherlands in 1997, within a year she was already working in IT. During her career, she experienced that women in IT miss a safe place in the workplace. For that reason, she has set up her own coaching company.

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Review by Gabrielle

A very luxurious, Italian efficient bag, with some eye-catching gadgets, that after trying it you won’t want to get rid of!

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